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About Us

Our principal concern and number one priority is the financial outcome for our clients.

Here at Bache Standard Capital, our focus is on the mission to protect and nurture the growth of our client's capital using only the highest analytic standards of cutting-edge research and unrivaled expertise in our approach.

We are not affiliated or obligated to any financial institution, investment product, or fund provider. This presents our clients with the luxury of choosing financial products from the entire marketplace, free from the concern that our market picks are being influenced by anything other than our client's best interests.

Our Team has the Experience.

Bache Standard Capital is committed to the growth of an ambitious environment that encourages the runaway expansion of long-term and stable investment algorithms. Unrivaled hard work is recognized and supported by team leaders who dedicate their time and attention to the financial needs of our clients. Only the best candidates with stellar backgrounds and impeccable derogatory records are selected for employment.

Mark Brandenburg was raised in New York City. He later attended John Hopkins University, where he graduated with honors and received a degree in Finance and an MBA in Economics. Mark has been The Chief Executive Officer since 2002, and his leadership and guidance have allowed us to grow, excel, and thrive while several other firms have struggled or closed.

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All our Account Executives have a wealth of experience working in the US markets. Several have worked in multiple world markets before bringing their expertise to Bache Standard Capital. Connecting and monitoring your account is extremely important to us, and this is always available with our online platform. Our team of advisors is only one click or call away. 

Banking in the 21st Century

If you were to ask almost any financial advisor whom they have trusted to grow and safeguard their money, historically, the answer would have been "My Bank or Trust company." This would have also been the sole guidance that Financial Analysts would have used for their investments and retirement funds.

Since the 2008 Sub Prime Mortgage and Derivatives disaster, the world has been much different, as the post-financial crisis years have all too painfully demonstrated. The once-dominant "too big to fail and too big to jail" banking giants are no longer the fail-proof institutions we once believed them to be.

New blockchain technologies like cryptocurrencies and unique purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) or reverse mergers have drastically shifted the dynamics of today's investment marketplace. Bache Standard Capital is strategically aligned with Hedge Funds to ensure our clients' profit in the ever-changing investment landscape.

Founded in 2002, Bache Standard Capital is an independent, full-service brokerage firm committed to delivering capital appreciation and diversified portfolio preservation for individuals, families, and corporate entities. We place the safety and security of our clients and their families first and pride ourselves on becoming the trusted safe harbor for their financial affairs. We consistently outperform our client's expectations in terms of delivery of service, attention to detail, and, most importantly, portfolio performance on all their investments.

From our headquarters in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, and offices around the Asia Pacific region and New York City, we currently oversee and act as fiduciary to over $5 billion of assets for clients in Asia and worldwide.

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