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Portfolio Design

Estate Planning Portfolio

An independent customer review and feedback interview are one of the most critical steps in offering an Estate Planning service. Bache Standard Capital's financial advisors gather all information on existing financial strategies, including investments, retirement pensions, savings, and other liabilities and assets.

The information gathered will be used to analyze risk aversion and equity asset goals and will help form the structural foundation of the recommendations that will follow. It must be carried out early and as thoroughly as possible.

At Bache Standard Capital, our investment philosophy is founded upon a disciplined, structured, and risk-averse approach to portfolio design. We can protect our client's capital while increasing their net wealth through a macro-economic approach to investing that is highly asset driven. Every macroeconomic indicator is analyzed, including the key factors such as; individual financial sector growth, interest rates, economic sectors, and even Geo-political factors are considered before any long-term plan is implemented.


Following this procedure, our advisors allocate assets that reflect the client's risk aversion, growth expectations, and overall economic outlook. Your advisor will always consider economic cycles and analyze expected revenues to prevail over the investment term.


Relying on a proven formula to investment success, we;

  • Develop a well-diversified portfolio that minimizes risk while compounding long-term growth potential.

  • Assist clients in determining their most favorable asset allotment.

  • Find the perfect blend of equity investments that give the best possible return on their initial investment.

  • Constantly monitor real-time results and reallocate assets for maximum success in the long term.

Bache Standard Capital sets tremendous importance on the need for malleability when devising a client's portfolio. It is imperative that the portfolio can be diversified as a client's life circumstances evolve and adapt to meet life's challenges. Their portfolio must not unnecessarily tie up capital that might be needed for financing a business venture or purchasing a property. Clients must be as realistic and open-minded as possible when providing this wealth of information.

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