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Bache Partnerships with Databricks

Bache Standard Capital recently requested to join the partnership program with data company Databricks. Databricks has over 1000 partners globally that provide data, analytics, and AI solutions to joint customers using a platform supplied by Databricks.

Consulting and Systems Integrator partners can leverage Databricks’ Unified Analytics expertise, comprehensive training programs, and global team to empower customers through the program. Partners are offered access to the platform to build cooperative projects, including technical skill development for data engineers and scientists. Partners also can contact the global team for assistance with the technology and customers.

Databricks have three distinct partner types that fit in with its ethos;

  • Consulting Partners

  • Technology Partners

  • Cloud Partners

Databricks Consulting Partners are experts uniquely positioned to help you implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning, and business analytics initiatives. They bring technology, industry, and use case expertise to help you make the most of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Services include designing a data transformation strategy unique to your business, data modernization and migration, data management, governance, and more.

Databricks Technology Partners Connect with Databricks Technology Partners to integrate data ingestion, business intelligence, and governance capabilities with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Databricks Technology Partners integrate their solutions with Databricks to provide complementary capabilities for ETL, data ingestion, business intelligence, machine learning, and governance. These integrations enable customers to leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform’s reliability and scalability to innovate faster while deriving valuable data insights.

Databricks Cloud Partners. Databricks Lakehouse runs on every central public cloud, tightly integrated with the security, computing, storage, analytics, and AI services natively offered by the cloud providers. This provides the agility to leverage your cloud provider of choice whenever and however you want.

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